Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Tunes

My husband got me the iPod and the Nike + iPod kit for Christmas. My mom found a great pair of Nike running shoes for me, and I supplied the plastic bag for my Nike gizmo. I know that sensor holders exist, I found some online but then thought I'd just buy one. On my one trip to find one they were out and since I wanted to run the next day I just made do. I'll get a real holder one of these days. But what I really wanted to post about was my running mix. I need to make a few of them because I'm already getting tired of mine. But I am musically challenged at finding new tunes. I love having my iPod, it is like a running partner. It is so great to hear "halfway point" and then I get the countdown for the last 400 meters of my run. That helps so much. And I have a motivation to try to go farther so I can hear Lance Armstrong or that famous marathoner Joanie tell me, "Congratulations, that was your longest run yet." But I need some new music. Going on iTunes doesn't help because there are so many choices. I have a running podcast downloaded but I'd rather listen to real songs than just random music. I think that will be good for intervals. And as for the power tunes on the Nike site, more than half are labeled "explicit" so that didn't help much.

So please, give me some good running songs suggestions. I'd love to hear your favorites.

I didn't run this morning, I was in kind of a funk because the weather is supposed to be cold and rainy all week and I didn't want to start that kind of week yet so I stayed warm in bed for as long as possible. That and Sommer was up a lot, she's sick. But I have been running and now my farthest is 3.2 miles with only one walking break in the middle. The problem is that was on the Burk-Gilman trail and nice and flat. When I start at my house I am at the top of a hill and so running halfway is great and then killer on the way back. But it is a start.


Katy said...

I love to run to a few of my favorite 80's hits. I'm terrible with names and artists of songs, but here's a stab: I like that Tom Sawyer song by Rush-it's got awesome drums. Also, the main song from the Curious George kids' movie soundtrack--it's a very happy song. Matt listens to Radiohead. Can't think of any others; I need to make a better running song list too because I end up skipping half of my songs on my MP3 b/c country and U2 don't make very good running songs. Although, a few of Nancy Griffith's really motivate me. :-)

Lauren said...

Here are my favorites:
New Shoes by Paolo Butini (love this song!!!)
Let's Ride by INXS (get's me going!)
Hurts So Good by John Melencamp (pushes me up the hills)
Love Song by Sara Bareliles (I can sing loud to this one)
A Public Affair by Jessica Simpson (watch the Chinese Boys do this on UTube and you will see why I love this)
Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows (head-bobber!)
Amazing by Seal (nice beat)
Everything by Michael Buble (makes me feel pretty...what?)
Friday I'm In Love by The Cure (another one that is fun to sing too)
...just to name a few!!

Torrie said...

So here goes:
Destiny's Child- Survivor

Dave Matthews- Ants Marching

Kenny Chesney/Uncle Kracker-
when the sun goes down

Lenny Kravitz- Sittin' on top of the world

OutKast- Hey Ya!

Police- every little thing she does is magic

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Scar Tissue

Rolling Stones- Beast of Burden

Shaggy & Rayvon- Angel

Smash Mouth- Why can't we be friends

Smash mouth- All star

Wyclef Jean- No more war

Yellowman-Jamacia nice/ take me home country roads

And the whole Sean Kingston Cd-
favorites include-Take you there, Me love {what you hear when you call me right now}, Beautiful Girls & Change

As you can see i have a wide range of music i like- rap, reggae, old school, country, classic rock..
so i hope this helps out!

kelly said...

oh, here's a couple faves.
stronger - kayne west (edited version)
stuck - stacy orrico
i'm always looking for something new. i get bored of my songs after a while. but i must have my ipod to run.

Kent said...

paige, what a fun question. ill give my two cents. i think its sort of hard since i feel like there are different types of running songs. usually they are the pump you up type, but sometimes, nice peaceful music can really be great when running, like 'fake plastic trees' by radiohead. anyways, here are some random songs from my running playlists:

Bit Rate Variations in B-Flat (Girl) by Beck

Hard to Explain by The Strokes

Mauro Picotto/Komodo by Various Artists from the Album Bolero Mix 17. Essentially any progressive/trance music.

Read My Mind by The Killers

Section 22: Running Away by The Polyphonic Spree

Starlight by Muse

Book Lung by New Ruins

Perfect Gentleman by Wyclef

Black Wave/Bad Vibrations by The Arcade Fire (this is on the cd i gave you. Hopefully you still have it. other songs on there are good too)

Conquest by The White Stripes

I turn my Camera On by Rock Hills Kid

there are tons of other ones. if you think we have similar 'running tastes' then let me know. id be happy to give more suggestions.

Team Biddle said...

I've been running to Rihanna (?) and it always gets the blood pumping. I also love running to a good 80's heavy metla rock song, like a good ACDC song...


mindy said...

I've been replaced by an ipod. I wish I could still be your running partner, I really miss that. It sounds like your doing great though and I love the new running shoes...way cool!
As far as song suggestions...I got nothing for you that I think you would like. You know me, I like Rage Against the Machine and Eminem when I run.

Paige said...

Thanks everybody! I'm so glad to have some suggestions so I won't feel so lost on iTunes. I'll have to post about my new running mixes as I get them sorted.

I'm sure I'd be better about getting out on these mornings if I had a real running partner instead of an ipod partner, Mindy. I miss those days too.

Ronald said...

You need some classical and classics to add to your mix. Good old Aaron Copeland and Theme for the common man and Rodeo and then of course some real traditional music like "Tijuana Jail" and of course a good Beach Boys song such as "Help me Rhoda." I'm sure you and many others will immediately use these! Dad

Sally said...

miss Paige, I would add Black Eyed Peas. If I were going to run (highly unlikely :) I would rather pretend I was dancing, so they make me feel pretty funky. Also, check out the So You Think You can Dance mix on itunes. It's all from last season, but there are some great ones. I'm loving One Republic right now.

Cammi said...

I'm with Sally - Black Eyed Peas and Fergie's solo album are great. I also love Nelly Furtado's album, Loose. I could give you some really great up-tempo hip hop/rap songs....but I don't know how you would feel about them! I'm SO looking forward to being able to run in the next month or so :)

Lark said...

I'm so out of it with music right now. But I would take Kent's suggestions. He's really into the up and coming stuff. Muse is really good to pump you up. Since I don't run, I like to dance to foreign pop music like Ricky Martin's "Maria" and Tarkan (he's Turkish). I like Dad's suggestion too about classics like Kingston Trio!