Saturday, March 22, 2008

It was soap p-p-poisoning

This was one of the experiences that happened during that week when I was trying to post about the joyful things. It is funny enough that I want to remember for years to come.

We had to resort to bar-of-soap-in-mouth punishment with the boys. It was actually Ridge who "earned" it for some atrocious behavior at piano lessons and then to me. I think it got through to him, he hated it, cried about it, gagged and lost his cookies about it, but took it like a little man and I think he got the message. Well, we had to follow through with Cannon as well. The next day, Cannon earned 25 seconds of soap tongue, 5 seconds for each offense. Eric happened to get home early that day and we had an early dinner and then decided to go out for ice cream. As we were getting ready to go out the door I sadly exclaimed,
"Cannon, we forgot to do your soap tongue."

He said, okay! and ran to the bathroom to get the soap, came running back out with the bar of soap in his mouth, just as happy as could be. He was figuring that 25 seconds was about as long as it took to go to the ice cream shop and was ready just to drive along with the bar of soap in his mouth. Eric and I both cracked up and Eric removed the soap before we left. Cannon kind of spit out the little bits that got on his teeth but he was hardly phased at all. I guess soap tongue won't work for Cannon.

And here we have another lesson to the parents about how each child is as different as can be, what works for one, won't work for another.


Lark said...

Love that Cannon - so funny. I remember the "getting your mouth washed out with soap" thing. I mostly remember watching the boys have it done. I'm sure we were all in the bathroom together watching whoever got their mouth washed out with soap. I don't think it happened I'm sure it worked. Good luck with finding something for Cannon!

mindy said...

That's hilarious. What a tough kid. I have heard of people putting one drop of tabasco on a childs tongue as a punishment for foul language maybe that would work with him. Good luck!

Paige said...

We have done tobasco for "potty mouth." It worked but I'd have to be a lot more generous with the drop because they seem to have gotten immune to it, or just old enough not to be scared of it anymore.

I'm sure I would be on the Super Nanny's bad list. Parenting is so trying, I hate doing things like this and I know that a lot of the behavior is coming back around to me because of how I parent but I am trying my best. Usually they are good kids but we can be better.

K. Laura said...

I love this story. It just goes to show you that your kids will always surprise you. Just when you think they will resist the punishment the most, they surprise you by gladly sucking on a bar of soap. And on a different occasion, when you feel like you've given them a lax punishment they fight you tooth and nail. Happy parenting!