Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Am Wimp

Perhaps you heard that "I Am Legend" came out on dvd this week. We hardly ever buy movies, Eric never asks for them, but he asked me to go out and buy this one on the day it came out. He saw it in theaters twice but I never saw it. He went with friends and I stayed home with our tiny baby. I wasn't really interested in seeing it anyway. Eric did tell me the plot and the ending and I was scared just from that; when I woke up to feed Sommer thoughts of the scary guys made me shiver. I'll admit that I am a scary movie wimp. I sat down to watch it with Eric and Chad and Angie and I couldn't even sit through it. I wanted to because Eric likes it so much, but I was just too scared. I saw up to one suspenseful part and that was it, had to just leave. And I'm glad because I would have been so creeped out on my run in the early morning darkness the following morning, I'm sure I would have imagined hives of those creatures hiding in the dark around me.

So I've been thinking about movies that have scared me in the past. The first scary one I can remember is Watcher in the Woods. I think we saw this for a youth activity. I don't really remember the plot but I was scared for years that I would walk into the bathroom and not be able to see my reflection. If I had to go at night I would avoid looking in the mirror, just in case.

And then there was Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. I love Indiana, can't wait for the next movie, but this one stuck with me in a weird way. Remember how they poured blood from the mouths of those dried head things? Well for some reason, my imagination thought that blood was going to be coming out of the shower head. Really, for years I would tell myself that there wouldn't be blood, just water.

Sixth Sense. But wasn't everybody scared of those cold drafts for a little while?

And then I saw The Village right before I went to girls camp. This one wasn't scary like the other M Night Shyamalan movies but it was when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (I was 3 months pregnant) and I peeked out of my tee pee and thought I saw a weird animal just sitting in our campsite. For 20 minutes I sat there scared, then peeked again and saw that I was just getting freaked out about a lawn chair.

I know it all isn't real, it's a movie, but it takes me a while to convince my imagination of the same thing.
Care to share about the movies that have scared you?


mindy said...

I am also a scary movie sissy. I remember my first experience with a scary movie. I was probably only 7 or 8 when this happened. My older brother was up late one night watching one of the Friday the 13th movies and I had snuck downstairs thinking I wanted to watch it also. As I came down the hall to the living room I heard the movie's music coming from the tv and that was enough to stop me in my tracks and send me running back upstairs to my bedroom. I was so scared I couldn't go back to sleep. My mom made my brother sleep on the floor next to my bed to help put me at ease.
Still to this day I don't like anything scary. I don't even like to watch commercials for scary shows.

Team Biddle said...

I am a freako...I actually like scary movies for some reason. I was really scared the first time I saw "The Ring." And I saw the edited version of Saw on t.v. a few weeks ago...very scary...but of course I sat through it with my eyes glazed over.

Explains why I'm a crazy lady!

Lark said...

"The Ring" is the scariest, creepiest movie I have ever seen and it gave me nightmares for weeks!

Sally said...

I'm with you Paige. I've seen all of those that you mentioned, except I am Legend, and have no desire to see it. I remember Something Wicked This Way Comes from being little, and I seem to think we watched it around the same time as Watcher in the Woods. The Lords of the Rings movies look scary to me--Troy has them and I make him watch them all alone. I haven't seen a one! I won't watch anything scary, because I can't shake the images. Ever.

Cammi said...

I used to LOVE scary movies. But ever since I've had kids, I can't seem to sit through them anymore... I used to watch Poltergeist all the time, but the sight of a fuzzy TV screen still gives me the creeps. Halloween always really scared me too. I get the chills everytime I hear the theme song.

K. Laura said...

I also saw Watcher in the Woods as a kid and it remains one of the scariest I've ever seen because I've tried really hard to just say no to scary movies since they disturb me long after most people have forgotten them. I was even on a date once when I was 20 and the movie choice was that one about the Bate's motel, and 5 minutes into it I asked my date to take me home. I'd never done anything that brave before, but I didn't really like the guy anyway and KNEW he wasn't worth sitting through a movie that would do permanent damage. He never asked me out again, so really, it was a win-win choice. ;-)
We did just watch the PG rated movie, The Last Mimzy and it scared the whole family. We regretted letting our kids watch it and after we turned it off we read a whole chapter in the Book of Mormon out loud and said a family prayer to get the Spirit back in our house. It's supposed to be a kids show but is really rather freaky.

Melain said...

For real?! I thought I Am Legend was kinda dumb, and TOTALLY not scary!!! What did I see recently that was scary to me... OH ya, I saw Vacancy. That freaked me out. I also had to walk out of Pulse because it was just sick-to-your-stomach-creepy. Same with The Grudge. ICK. The Ring was a great movie, but it didn't keep me up at night. I guess I'm pretty tough when it comes to scary movies. I just watched Shutter this weekend. BORING!!! SO not scary. But Watcher in the Woods about made me wet myself. THAT is creepy stuff.

Pamela said...

Lance and I watched I am Legend this weekend. It was SERIOUSLY intense! Lane loved it...I was sorta freaked out.

The one that really scared me was Alien. I saw it after my mission...and I had no idea what it was about before I watched it alone in a big house on Mercer Island where I was house sitting for the Eyrings

When I was little I saw the movie The Bird. For years afterwards (and sometimes even now) whenever I go into a house I always make sure I locate a room with no windows so the birds can't get to me

Me? Irrational? Nawwwww :)

Paige said...

I think if I had gone into I am Legend without knowing the story I could have sat through it with Eric -- but since I knew what was coming the anticipation of it all made it worse.

And I never saw The Ring either, Eric just told me that it scared him and Mark and Marc so much that I stayed away from that one.

kelly said...

oohh, i hate scary movies!
i'm home alone too often and have enough trouble sleeping when rob's gone.

Alexis said...

I regret that I saw Signs (M Night Shyamalan)- that one was too scary for me. His other movies have a twist in which the bad guys aren't so bad in the end, and so we gave Signs a try. But in Signs, the aliens really are as scary as they seem. We watched on video and I screamed out loud when they show the alien at the kid's birthday party, even though I knew it was coming.