Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I got my hair cut twice in one week. When I was in Vegas I went to Lark's stylist. Lark's hair looks really great, I had babysitters and I really needed some style in my hair again. I didn't go with a picture of what I wanted nor a firm idea in mind of how I wanted it to look. I thought that I wanted to keep the sameish length and get some more layers. Well, layer she did and she razored it so much that it didn't feel like my hair anymore at all. I left thinking that I liked it, that it would take some getting used to, but that it would be okay. The next day I left for home and after washing it and trying to style it myself I started to hate it. In fact, I cried off and on the whole day about it. I can't remember ever crying about a haircut though I think I did once when I was a little girl. And then Eric, who has never made a negative comment about any of my hairstyles in the past, admitted that he didn't really like it either when I told him that I was just so upset about it. He was the one who told me to get an appointment and have it fixed so I did. I am happy with it now, it does look like it has some style. It still doesn't feel like my hair when I wash it. The downside is that I have to take more time to do it, well that is good and bad. Good because then I actually look and feel more put-together, bad because some mornings I can hardly find time to brush my teeth, let alone style my hair. But it is just hair and it will grow back. In fact, I'm getting my baby growth fly-aways right now so it is better to have lots of layers. I actually just saw a picture of Selma Blair and that made me want to have even shorter hair.

I had to change this photo to black and white because I wasn't wearing any makeup and my skin looks uneven and my eyes look so tired. I must say that when I think of myself I still see light brown hair in my head even though it is really dark brown now. When Laine talks about my hair she says it is black.


Tricia said...

I really like it!

kelly said...

you look super chic and gorgeous!
love the haircut (although, i did like the first one too).
i know all about hating the hair.
i've decided to just not look in the mirror while i'm growing this mop out. yuck!

Paige said...

Super chic? Thanks. It is nice to have some style again.

You always look great Kelly, I do appreciate the empathy.

curly girl said...

I cried about a haircut once as an adult, too. It's just alarming to think you're getting one thing and then wind up with something totally unexpected...in a bad way. BUT, I am glad that it could be repaired, and I really like it now.

You look fab in B&W, btw!

K. Laura said...

You look very cute Paige.