Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vacation Adventures

Whew! What a time we had traveling this month. Most of it was great but we did have a few misadventures. I flew to Las Vegas with the girls and left the boys here with Eric. They drove to Utah and we met them there and we celebrated Chad and Angie's wedding. Then the girls and I flew back to Vegas for a few more days while the boys went to the Blaser family cabin with Grandma and Grandpa Blaser, Uncle Todd, and Uncle Troy and his girls, Grace and Anna. Laine was a very patient girl through most of this, really easy to travel with even though I dragged her on 4 plane rides in 11 days. 3 of our planes were late and she still did really well. Sommer was a sport too, only crying a lot during part of one of the flights because she was just exhausted. When Laine got tired she would ask to go home, she just wanted to sleep in her own bed. I had to explain a few times all the adventures we had left and that helped her to understand that we were going home, eventually. Eric reported that the boys were really patient on the long drive.

And now, the story in pictures.
The boys had a great time playing in the snow, riding snow mobiles and making an igloo with dad at the cabin in Idaho.
Even in the winter the hot springs are still hot. That's Ridge, cousin Grace, and Cannon enjoying a soak. Grace and Ridge were great cousin buddies, complete with a secret club. Aren't cousins the best?
Laine and her cousin Afton were two peas in a pod for the whole time they were together. They are about 7 months apart in age and right now they are both lovers of all things princess, ballerina and pink so they were a perfect match. It was fun to watch them play together.
That's my sister Lark, and no, that's not a basketball in her shirt, she is due to have a baby girl March 3rd. Isn't she the cutest pregnant lady ever? She is helping the girls decorate and frost Valentine cookies.
And finally, the happy couple. Angie was a beautiful bride and Chad is still smiling.


Davidsonfieldville said...

Every single picture is so beautiful..Angie is so beautiful, your sister does look amazing, the girls definitely look like best buddies, the hot springs-yay!! I love hot springs..snowmobiling rocks...What a great vacation!

kelly said...

wow, lark looks awesome!
she's got that olive-on-a-toothpick bod like you did!
i think i would have stayed in the hot springs the entire time!

curly girl said...

Welcome home! Thanks for sharing your pictures! They made me smile!