Friday, February 29, 2008

Story by Ridge

Draw a castle. Show the king and queen going into the castle.
Write about what you think it would be like to live in a castle.
Copied as it was written by Ridge during the week of February 24, 2008.

If I lived in a castle I would'nt like it! Cuse dragons come all the time thats scary right. OK OK to give prof heres a mini story. Once apon a time there was a king and a queen they wanted to have twins but they could'nt cuse the queen had a deziez called kidenlayasyss its the worst! To make it go away she had to fight a dragon with the king! And one day the fairy wierd mother came to the castle. and the king and queen asked him to grant one wish. he said what? we want to have twins. as you wish pugg!!! oh wait said the queen when will it come? 5 to 15 years oh man! said the queen 15 years thats SO long or we dont have to wait you go out and find a dragon! Ok hm im gonna need somewone to come with me. the queen said I know SERVENTS! klop klop klop sreachhhh......................... yes? you need to go help the king bring back a snakefire breathing dragon! aaahhhh

hey get back here remember when we fought that rugairian ridge back from romainia? that dragon that you have to bring back isnt as nearly as hard as the other one. ok so get going first KING KING KING!!!!!

yes yes yes yes? time to go! all ready? shesh lets go ok servents. yes-ir klop klop klop. here I go see-ahh

ok said the queen see you in a long time. ok bye........ two hours later great the horses gont hungry were tired and stuck in a forest of leafless trees and thorn bushes. GREAT. why does this have to hapen to us? c'mon lets go lets see left right strait or back? left ok wow a maze wait ive been here in the winter the snow was as tall as the walls. i know the way through. ok Ok great dead end. Ok lets go back ok I dont think

look on that mountain yikes a hungarian horntail lets go.

kay shh there were gone. c'mon theres the dragon on that hillside. See it lets go CRACK VHNSSHH! AARRRGGG! c'mon we have to get it bring out the cage crrooowwwmm! Snap! crash! we did it!

yes back to the castle clash!! swish swish splussshh they killed the dragon and had theire twins the end.


Torrie said...

maybe one day i'll be reading his comic colum in the sunday paper, judging by this story- looks like he has a creative mind and funny thoughts running through his head!!!

mindy said...

I love it. You have a little creative genius on your hands. I love the sound effects he throws in, they make you feel like you are right there in the action. And the plot is perfect, it draws in men with the hunting of a dragon and it picks up the women with the queens desire to be a mother. Perfect!

Heidi and Ryan said...

What an imagination!!! Tell Ridge I loved his story.

Jaime said...

What a great story. Hmmm, maybe he'll be a writer some day.

Sally said...

That is a great story. Ethan would love it! Your trip sounds like a TON of fun. We've always wanted to visit Las Vegas - maybe someday! Lark looks great! I'm guessing the baby's not here yet, or you would have blogged about it. Tell her hi from me and that I'm thinking of her. Your whole family is so beautiful!

Pamela said...

Awwwww.I see a budding novelist!

Great story Ridge!

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