Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sommer's seat

Once or twice a day I stick Sommer in her bumbo seat and have her play with the toys in Laine's box-o-girlie-goodies. If it is the right time of day she will happily play with the toys for 20 minutes. I say play but of course it is really grabbing and gnawing on whatever she can reach. If it isn't the right time of day for her then she'll get pretty mad at me. Usually I do this because something needs to be done, like lately it has been that I have to clean up Laine's #2 accidents (she is having major issues with this part of potty training).

Just wanted to share this photo so that I'll remember sweet baby Sommer playing so happily on her own. She is actually getting really good at sitting up on her own and is starting to prefer this to being in the bumbo, but she tips over and face-plants so I don't leave her alone sitting up.


Laura said...

I love the Bumbo! I'm just glad my Ella never fell off the counter like the recents reports show some babies doing. They are good at helping the baby sit up and be able to "play" with toys.

KCannonM said...

what a great seat! and i bet you cherish those 20 minutes that she is happily playing!

kelly said...

i wish they had these seats when my kiddos were small. so cool.
can i just tell you again how much i love sommer? she's the sweetest baby!

Torrie said...

i want one of these if i ever have another baby!
one of my nanny babies had one and i LOVED it!
i too just adore sommer!
she is just so darn cute!

Lark said...

20 minutes is a long time for a little one...what a good kid!

Jaime said...

It's been forever since I dropped by your blog. Sorry! Sommer is looking so grown up, she is just adorable. I love those seats, we wish that we had one with Truman, maybe our next.