Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hotel Napoli Clock

Pehaps you saw it, or perhaps you bought it from Target's Global Bazaar line they had at the beginning of the year. It was a huge, black-faced clock with red letters that said "Hotel Napoli," perfect for my house. But it cost $139 and even though I Loved it, and even though I've wanted a giant clock ever since I've had a house to decorate, I just couldn't spend that much for a clock and it wouldn't fit it in the cart so I couldn't get through the store with the girls in tow and the clock. But after thinking about it, and telling Eric about it, I was decided to get it. However, I didn't get back to Target until after my travels and to my huge dismay, my heart really did sink, the entire line is gone and what's left of it is marked down 70%. I could probably find it somewhere if I looked really hard but it isn't worth that much trouble. And they have other huge clocks at the store, not quite at huge and without the Italy reference, but nice clocks all the same. Someday I'll find another one that is just right and next time I'll buy it on the spot. No more of this non-buyers remorse thing.


jana said...

If this is the one, you can buy it online on Target's site for $97.99, with free shipping.


Lark said...

I'm sorry it was gone - I was thinking about you when I went to Target on Monday. I was looking at their big clocks and didn't see it at my Target either. Hopefully that one online is the one?!

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