Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eric and Paige

Summer of '98

In honor of our 9th anniversary.

I love you Eric.

How long have you been together:
Since the summer of '98. Eric moved into the same apartment complex and we were next door neighbors at Liberty Square in Provo. I lived above the office and he moved into apartment 1. We were called to be FHE group leaders together. I told the bishop that it was the only calling I didn't want but that I would do it anyway. Fulfilling that calling had a pretty great reward.

How long did you date:
5 months, then engaged for 4.

How old is he:
32 -- I'm older by 7 months.

Who eats more:

Who said I love you first:
Hmm, I can't remember. It was kind of a realization at the same time during the conversation that we were having in that little red car that his brother loaned him because the Land Cruiser was out of commission. I fell in love with him much sooner than I said so but I didn't say anything crazy like that because I didn't want to scare him away.

Who is taller:
Eric, by almost a foot.

Who is smarter:
We each have different kinds of smarts.

Who does the laundry:
Me. But he often helps fold the clothes because I pile them on his side of the bed to fold them.

Who does the dishes:
We're 50-50 on that.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:
Looking at the bed, he does.
Who pays the bills:
Eric. He likes to plan the budget. Whether or not we stick to it is another story.
Who mows the lawn:
Eric. But I did have a job one summer as a grounds keeper at BYU and I mowed lawns all the time, so if needed, I could get the job done.
Who cooks dinner:
I do. But if I need it Eric will take us out to dinner or pick something up. I don't use this card very often but I really appreciate knowing that he would just say okay.
Who is more stubborn:
I really don't know. I've never thought of Eric as a stubborn person so maybe I am.
Who kissed who first:
He kissed me, I wasn't making it difficult for him to make a move though. We were on a rock near the river in Provo canyon.
Who asked who out:
My room mate asked Eric out for me. We were going to the Manti Pagent on a group date and she asked Eric's roommate and Eric at the same time. It was almost like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Micky(?) are going out with two girls but they don't know which one they are supposed to be with. When the story comes up, Eric love to rub it in that Rebecca had to ask him out for me. I honestly had no idea she was going to turn around and blurt out the question for both of us. When he first met me, Eric thought that I would be a good person for his roommate to date. We had a lot of fun that summer with apartment 1. Great guys, but I had already chosen Eric. I had already noticed his great walk (one of those shallow but very important things to me in a mate) and he drove the greatest car ever.
Who proposed:
He did, though we already knew we were going to get married, it just wasn't official with a ring yet. He gave me the ring by having me called up to the stage at a Men's Chorus concert before it started. He knelt down and asked me in front of all those people. I had no idea he was going to ask me that night. It was romantic to me because he was so happy to tell all those people that he loved me even though it was out of his comfort zone to share something so private with so many.
Who is more sensitive:
I am more sensitive in the crying sort of way, but Eric can be very thougtful.
Who has more friends:
I do, I'm not as tall and intimidating.
Who has more siblings:
We're even on that one. I'm the oldest of 6 and he is the second of 6.
Who wears the pants in the relationship:
I'd say we share. We both value each other's opinions.

Italy 2005

Good timing on this tag Kelly. Laura, and Mom -- you're it.


Tricia said...

That was fun! Happy anniversary!

kelly said...

thanks for sharing, i loved reading about you two.
too bad your before picture isn't very bad to make fun of! hee hee.
i could not picture eric proposing like that, what a romantic!
and that's so funny how you were sold on his walk and his car.
happy anniversary!
and enjoy your vacation.

Team Biddle said...

Ok, that was fun to read!!! Don't ya miss good old BYU?

Happy Anniversary!

mindy said...

That was so fun to read. I was surprised to read how Eric proposed to you. I wonder why that never came up in conversations, that is a very romantic story.

Happy Anniversary!

Pamela said...

Awww, that was cool to read. You two are very cute together and when you talked about BYU and FHE and all that....it brought back some great memories!

Can you believe my little Stephanie is there now doing all those things? I'm far too young for that to happen!!

Torrie said...

thanks for sharing, i never would have guessed some of those things about you two:)
i think i was most surprised about the length of the engagement- i would have guessed you as more reserved and wanting to wait longer. that sounds more like something i would do- dive right on in~!
you two are so cute!
{btw i NEVER have looked good enough to post a picture of myself in a two piece!} lucky you!

Davidsonfieldville said...

I love this post!! It's so wonderful to hear everyone's "Love Story" and yours is so nice it would make a great movie :)

Laura said...

I've known you two for over 8 years and didn't know half of the things you said. What a great way to hear about the two of you and your love and relationship. You make a great team!

Shannon said...

Paige, I was "snooping", but had to comment and let you know how much I loved your post! The pictures are great. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!

Kristin R said...

You make my heart feel all mushy, just reading this! Isn't it fun to remember when... *sigh* Happy anniversary!!!

Ryan said...

Congratulations Eric & Paige on your ninth anniversary -- seeing that old picture from the beach at Deer Creek (with Eric sporting the goatee and those smiley faced shorts) brought back a flood of memories from the Summer of '98. And hearing your story - including that first date to the Manti Pageant, and Eric's rockin' blue Cruiser (is it still under a tarp in the back yard??) -- that was truly an amazing summer. Hope your all doing well!! And thanks for sending us those poster sized photos of our ski jumping adventure on Timpanogos -- ahh, the memories...