Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the 100 lists and Jeanie Mofit

A few of my friends have recently posted lists of 100 things about themselves. After reading each I've started to compose lists in my head in response, like
I wore jewelry all the time until I started having kids, then started again with Cookie Lee and now I'm stopped again because it is easier not to wear it with a small child and no sleep.


when I was going into high school I tried out for cheerleading but I didn't make the squad and that is what lead the way to me being a runner.


then I remember this friend I had in college. Jeanie Mofit was a great gal. Played the trombone in the marching band, loved to laugh and joke around, loved to be a good friend, had a crush on a guy that reminded me of Buddy Holly. And she had a hole in her face. Not a big hole, a hole that looked like she had sqeezed a blackhead out of her skin and the pore remained open. And when I met her it was one of the first things she pointed out to me. She introduced herself and said,

"I have a hole in my face, right there. And now whenever you look at me you're going to see the hole."

Of course I said, no way I'll notice it every time -- but every time I did.

So I start to make these lists in my head and then I stop because I don't want to point out my "hole" to someone and have that be what you dwell on about me. Isn't that so vain? I'm not sure I remember a specific thing about my friends' lists except the things that they said that reminded me of the things I just listed. (Torrie never wore jewelry till she met me and Mindy was a mascot for her school.) So you just go on thinking I'm practically perfect in every way and I'll just let you figure it out my holes for yourself.


Torrie said...

it is so funny how your mind works!
you crack me up!
if i was to make a list of 100 things about you i would say that you seem really quiet and reserved, but once you get to know you- you find out that you are a funny writer, and a awesome friend and very fashion forward with all your cool coats and jewlery. you can put necklaces together and have it look so cool, but i'm afraid if someone else tried to do the same look they would just look silly.
i would also say that you make some of the coolest food ever, every time you tell me what your making for dinner i want to eat at your house. dumplings in a crockpot? how cool is that!
so if you do end up letting us see your 'holes' we would probably just laugh and shake our heads at how similar we all really are.
love ya

Team Biddle said...

You are perfect to me! Not a hole on you.

p.s. how did you do the cool blog title?!

mindy said...

I actually wasn't the mascot for my school. I tried out for it but didn't make it. Just like I tried out for cheerleading and the drill team and didn't make those either. So I guess if anything at all you can consider my "hole" the fact that I never get picked. I know, it sounds so sad, but I am ok with you knowing that about me.

Paige said...

Sorry about that Mindy. We had so much in common, we'd have been friends for sure in high school and I would have made you come out for track with me.

Marie, I did it with photoshop elements. I'll can try to help you doctor a photo if you want, but Kelly is the expert.

Thanks Torrie. I didn't mean to be fishing for compliments, I appreciate what you said. And Mindy actually makes the coolest food ever.

Eric was confused about the hole, he asked if milk could squirt out of it -- wouldn't that be a good party trick. It wasn't all the way through her skin, it looked like a pore had never closed, I've never seen one like it since. Actually, I did once squeeze a big blackhead out and when I saw the hole it left I thought I'd given myself a hole like Jeanie's.

So if you want to know a specific thing about me, just ask away, I'll tell you. I'm too hard on myself to start making a list like this.

kelly said...

i'm totally about to vomit from all the blackhead talk!

i agree about the 100 list.
i absolutely love reading everyone elses' but am afraid you might all think i'm a freak if i shared some of my oddities.

but i don't think any of you are freaks...
except paige with all these disgusting blackhead stories!

Lark said...

well put Paige. Cute new look too! YOu'll have to show me your tricks when you come so I can make mine look cool too!

Alexis said...

This reminds me of Jacque Onasis (please ignore my spelling). A reporter asked her what her greatest flaw was, and she replied, "You all do a great job of finding my flaws. You don't need my help." You have a classic approach that is reminiscent of her.

You know, I am a runner because I was cut from soccer try outs in 9th grade (in WA, girls soccer is in the fall.) I carpooled to school and had to do something to kill time until my ride came after sports were cross country sounded like a way to stay in shape until soccer tryouts the next year.

Davidsonfieldville said...

one of the things I love about blogs is how the comments sometimes become even more interesting than the blog itself ") This is one of those times...and I didn't think it was possible after reading about Jeanie's hole ,ha ha and Paige- you are really one of the funniest writers. I agree with everything Torrie said too, not just the writer really are such a lovely person. I know everyone would agree with me that they feel better for having known you.