Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Marc Meduri

We received the blessed news that our friends in Sicily were able to adopt a little boy this month. Marc was born and raised, until now, in an orphanage, run by nuns in Togo, Africa. Their note said that the nuns at the orphanage are angels on earth. They got to know Marc for 5 days and then were able to adopt him. I knew that Massimo and Eva were trying to adopt a child from Africa but we don't email enough for me to know the specifics on how they found Marc. It was so lovely to see the pictures of them together. Even in the first days together, their first few days as parents, Massimo and Eva just looked so... parental already.

Of course I am elated for them. What was surprising to me was the realization that my joy felt the same as the joy of hearing about the birth of a baby to a dear friend or relative. I've had friends who were adopted and know other children who were adopted but I have never been at this end of adoption, knowing the parents and feeling the joy with them. It is so sweet. This must sound odd. I suppose watching Angelina and Madonna adopting children has made it seem surreal instead of as real as it should be. Watching all their press it make it seem like adoption is only for the rich and famous. I'm just so happy for our friends and hope to visit them again soon and meet Marc in person. Isn't he a beautiful child?

Vi voglio bene Massimo, Eva e Marc.

More pictures of the family if you'd like to know them better.


Jaime said...

What a wonderful story to share. I can understand your feelings. My sister & her husband adopted a little boy back in April. He was a newborn, just a few days old when they got to bring him home. It's such an awesome experience. We recently saw them sealed as a family in the Seattle Temple. Talk about a fabulous year!

Kristin R said...

I love it! I looked at all the pictures and couldn't help but think of what a blessed little boy he is, and then, seeing the joy on your friends' faces, I realized that they, too, are so blessed to be his parents. Thanks for sharing!

Davidsonfieldville said...

wow, that is amazing- I've always wondered how life-changing that would be to adopt and everyone I've spoken to seems to have so many of the same feelings I had when I became a parent: excited, scared, overwhelmed...in love with that sweet little face. Congratulations to your friends!

Andrew and Janetta said...

What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing it with us. We are just finishing up our adoption profile with LDS family services, so adoption is close to our hearts too!