Monday, January 14, 2008

The Fiancee

We met Angie this weekend. She's a sweet girl and it is obvious Chad is quite smitten with her. And it appears we didn't scare her away from moving to Seattle so she'll be back in a month to stay. After all the anticipation leading up to her arrival, Cannon was quite shy when he first met her. He warmed up soon enough and I think he has a little crush on her, at least I think that is what the arm squeezing and pinching meant to express.


Kristin R said...

Oh my gosh. They look so young! I mean, they're probably older than we were, but kids these days are getting younger and younger. I swear I saw a 12 year old driving the other day! Kidding!

These two definitely have "The Glow." Ah, it's nice to have those days to look back on and sigh. ;)

Davidsonfieldville said...

a 12 year old..hee hehe...she is so funny. Yah, on a day like today when Ryan is a such a grump - its good to have reminders of makes me smile.