Monday, January 21, 2008

addendum to previous post

I usually don't go to the grocery store with all 4 children. I knew what I was getting into when I ventured out with all of them though I didn't anticipate the extent of the craziness. I usually go when Cannon is at preschool so I have just the girls with me and everything goes just fine. Laine is an angel on her own. Siblings just know each other too well so they can set each other off. And being out of milk makes me feel like there is no food in the house so I felt the need to get to the store.

Sommer was perfect for the entire outing, smiling at everyone. I didn't even mention her. I had her in the baby bjorn so she could see all the action, that kept her busy. Early in our trip, still in the produce section, some Safeway people walked by and one of them said to me, even though I was trying not to look at her, "he got his way after all," regarding Cannon's tantrum upon our entrance to the store. I think I kind of half-smiled in her direction but Sommer was looking right at her, grinning away and kicking. It was hard to tell, was she trying to be sympathetic or not? Hopefully people looked at my smiling baby more than my sour face.


kelly said...

how can you not smile when you see that sweet happy girl?
proof that you're an awesome mom!

Torrie said...

if you ever need milk i am only right around the corner, and i usually have 4 or 5 gallons from daycare kids, so you can always have one...
CALL ME NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Davidsonfieldville said...

what a horrible comment for that person to make. What's it going to hurt them if you let Cannon get his way..ESPECIALLY if they just misunderstood the situation. I don't know, maybe Im reading your post all wrong but it sounds to me like an unhappy person was trying to rain on your day and thats sad to me. I imagine she wasn't trying to be sympathetic but I guess it just makes me want to be all the more sympathetic to mom's who obviously are doing their best to keep it all together.

Kristin R said...

My hunch is that lady who made the comment isn't a MOM! And if she is, she should be fired for violating the Code Of Motherhood! Which is, BTW, "Never Criticize Another Mother...Unless You Want It To Come Back To You."

Although, I have been known to glare at the out of control, swearing, yelling, abusive types.

But never at gals like US (who might sometimes feel like swearing, but only do it in our heads) ;)

Anonymous said...

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