Sunday, December 16, 2007

Telling Words

A couple of things about Ridge's week. On Wednesday night the 1st and 2nd graders at Briarcrest had their performance of the year. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Africa. They performed some music rhythms and songs and then did a dance. The dance was very funny in the best of ways. Below is a picture of all the kids that performed. They were trying to follow the lady in the front. Their lines were supposed to move back and forth with her but kids kept bumping into each other, everyone going in opposite directions. To his credit, Ridge did well enough and was doing his best to follow the leader. I'm sorry we don't have video. It would be fun to watch later in life. Ridge complained that he had to participate (he is one of the kids in orange) but we could tell that he had fun once it all began. His favorite part was singing a song called "Calypso" because a few times during the song there were music breaks and the kids were all supposed to dance and he got down and boogied, lots of surfer imitations. And despite the late start hour -- 8pm how crazy is that for a 1st and 2nd grade performance -- we had a great time.

Ridge is good at puns. This is one that he came up with last week. I know, not your typical Santa but don't you just love that play on words?

And finally, last week he brought home this story he had written:

"The best birthday I ever made up was when I went to a hotel with only my mom and my little little sister Sommer. And my Dad. We went swiming and surfing me and dad went to see Star Wars III. We went back to the hotel and wachd star wars II then wachd stars wars IIIII and shoved cake into our mouth."

When I was growing up I had a book called "Molly Moves Out" about the oldest rabbit in a big family of rabbits who moves to her own perfect little home and then realizes that she misses all the chaos from her family. I think I need to read that book with Ridge. And take him on a date to make his best birthday he ever made up come true.


Shannon said...

Looks like you have an artist in the family. I love it.

Laura said...

I love that he included Sommer in his birthday retreat. My kids will do that--include Ella in some story or made up adventure but leave the other sibling out--as if having the crying baby there would really be that great. ;-)

Sally said...

Very cute. I can't believe how fast they grow up and start telling their own stories. We're lucky if Ethan can draw a person that looks even REMOTELY like a stick figure :). Congrats on a great performance, Ridge!

Kristin R said...

I love puns! Way to go, Ridge!!!

And, I love his "b'day dream." How cute is that?!? When's his next b'day?

I'll have to check out that "Molly Moves Out." Even though she only has one little sibling, I bet M could relate to it!

Davidsonfieldville said...

he is so amazing..I loooove it and I agree, especially about the part of watching all of star wars and shoving cake in your mouth.