Sunday, December 23, 2007

Downtown Trek 2007

Laine having fun at the Seattle Center.
The boys checking out the train set.
Waiting for the monorail.
Enjoying the carousel ride.
We enjoyed our Christmas trip to Seattle. (I'm having a deja vu moment, or did I have the same title for last year's trip?) It was pouring rain when we left but slowed to a nice light rain by the time we reached the Seattle Center. The gingerbread houses left much to be desired this year but the rest of the trip was fun. I think that the rain scared off a lot of people and we also started early in the day so we avoided too much of a crowd. We didn't even have to wait to ride the carousel. All that fun and I think that the kids would tell you that the best part of the trip was that McDonald's had Bionicle and Strawberry Shortcake toys in the happy meals.


Davidsonfieldville said...

What a fun family! Why don't we do cool stuff with our kids? Lets see...we let them spend the night at a cousins house so we could go on a cool date for our anniversary, thats fun right? Then Mallory said yesterday.."Mom, I dont ever want to spend the night at Gabe's house ever again. Okay? They keep me up too late and my leg hurt" (Her leg always hurts when she stays up too late..) oh well, I thought it would be fun for them. It was fun for us!!

Lynne said...

Looks like great fun! And the memories made are the most fun of all! You guys are so awesome!

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